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Horse Riding Tours in Sanur Bali

If you like adventure tourism activities in Bali or often referred to by the name of Bali adventure, of course it will be very easy to find in Bali.

Surely you are interested in horse riding activities on the island of Bali and I’m sure you will also have the following questions:

Where is the place to ride horses in Bali?
What is the price of horse riding?

To answer the question above, then on this page we specifically write for you about horse riding tourism activities on one of the Tangtu beaches, Sanur in Bali. This tour activity is more often referred to as Bali horse riding.

Bali Horse Riding Tourism Activities

Almost every day, the tourist activity of riding a horse in Bali is never lonely and is mostly carried out by foreign tourists. Then what about domestic tourists? For domestic tourists, horse riding activities will be crowded during the school holidays and the Lebaran holiday season. In addition to participating in horse riding activities, domestic tourists also like a vacation to the latest tourist attractions in Bali.

In addition to holiday activities, horse riding in Bali is also used for photo prewedding. If you want to know the location of other pre wedding photos in Bali, please click the link below!

For those of you who have often vacationed to Bali, surely you want to get a new experience while on vacation to Bali. One of the activities that will give you a new experience while on holiday in Bali is a horse riding tour. When you participate in horse riding activities, you will explore nature with a rural atmosphere. In addition, you can also see views of rice fields, and explore the beach from the back of a horse.

Location or place to ride a horse on the island of Bali is on the beach Tangtu, Sanur – Bali
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